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Midas Investments was started by an aspiring undergraduate in the summer of 2013. Getting exposed into the world of finance only at the age of 22 gave him motivation to work harder than anyone else to learn as much as he can in the shortest possible time. His true realisation came when he failed an investment banking interview when he could not design an aesthetically pleasant pitch book.

Since then, he has researched extensively on the world of finance and this site is a testament towards his commitment and drive to succeed in the world of banking and finance. Learn with the individual as he learn, see him grow and follow his tips when he mature to your financial wealth.

An aspiring hedge fund manager, this individual will attempt to do everything he can to make his journey a success. Follow this site right now and watch an average man strive towards the career of his dreams and the numerous pitfalls and obstacles he will face on the way.

All the content available here is 100% accurate and true and there will be no intentions to make things more appealing by fluffing the site with unnecessary distractions. 

Starting 5th December 2013, a new author cum administrator was added to the site to provide even more content to readers and help them achieve their personal success. Read on for more information about the contributors behind this blog:

The founder of this blog. A current undergraduate who aims to get into the banking and finance sector. Married with a baby girl, his usual schedule consists of working, studying, and playing with his family all in a day. He strives towards his dream of someday being a hedge fund manager that can make a positive impact on people's life.

Future Civil Servant:
A current undergraduate and dedicated individual who aims to get into the public sector and contributes positively to the development of the country. A consistent dean-lister, he is widely praised by his peers for his hard work and excellent grades. Focused in his work, he strive towards his goal steadily and surely.

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