Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Inspiring Banker Saves 20,000 With Profits

Today, I am going to talk about something I came across Bloomberg this morning while reading the news. After reading the news, I am more encouraged as this is the few news that put bankers in a positive light. I will post the link up at the end of the post, but for now, let me talk about why I was so inspired by this banker.

Audette Exel is the director, owner and head of Isis (Asia Pacific) Pty, which advises companies for mergers and raises money for fund managers. What is inspiring about her story is that the profits from her company is channelled towards social causes, helping children and kids too poor and too ill from impoverished countries.

In today's world, where bankers are repeatedly labelled as the greedy and immoral in the media, it is refreshing to see Bloomberg featuring Audette Exel, who is not only a tough business leader, but also a true philanthropist. Therefore, I am further encouraged and I will definitely push myself to work harder. I have already thought about when I will start helping and it will be when my liquid cash reached $1,000,000.

For those who are interested to learn about this extraordinary woman, please click here:

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