Saturday, 24 August 2013

Following Up After Getting Namecards

Continuing from my previous post, I was able to get 3 name cards during the career fair organized by a bulge bracket firm and I have followed up with 2 of them, thanking them for their time during the career fair and asking them if they would be willing to take a look at my resume to determine my suitability for the respective department.

To be honest, one should spread their net as wide as possible but I was simply not too interested in one of the positions but maybe I could have emailed him as well asking for referrals? Well, the fact is I only emailed 2 and I felt that I was already doing a lot. I seriously need to change my mentality, I am still not assertive enough in the pursuit of my dreams, I have also failed to impress the bankers I was speaking to at first sight and I only have myself to blame. I have not been following market news for a while after my prop trading nightmare and I am running away from my dreams and responsibilities by giving myself excuses. That has to change, especially when I want to be a networking ninja.

For those of you who are interested, this is what I sent to 2 of the bankers:
  • Who I am and a short common topic during the fair
  • Background information about myself
  • How they made me learnt something new (they really did)
  • Expressing gratitude and asking for help with resume
I am not sure if they will respond but I honestly hoped they do. Anyway, now that I am writing this post, I feel I really need to email the last banker considering he is a VP and I would not want to waste any possible opportunities. How about you? How do you usually follow up with someone after getting someone's namecard?

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