Friday, 13 September 2013

Student Investment Fund

Recently,  I have been granted acceptance into one of the most prestigious and highly sought after positions in school, the student investment fund. The investment club in my school has many interested applicants and I was delighted to be selected as one of them. There are a few good things that I can see happening from this experience including but not limited to:
  1. Better resume stories for demonstration of interest
  2. Keeping myself updated and learnt with various investment related activities
  3. Networking with previous alumni as well as current students who are as interested as me
To become a highly sought after hedge fund manager in the future, I am definitely on the right track, with my studies, work experience, genuine interest but there is one thing I am still lacking: the necessary connections. I do not want to be someone who struggles, I want to be someone who succeeds, and to do that, I have to build up my connections.

Now, the real danger is that my commitments might threaten my grades. I am currently a 4.2 CGPA, but there is a possibility that it might go down as I try to shuffle my time between my tuition business, studies, work, family, investment club and friends. There is a real danger of being too easy on myself and entertaining myself with hours of videos but that is a straight ticket to unimpressive grades. For my family, I will work hard, I have to. My beautiful wife and my cute baby girl will be my motivation.

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