Thursday, 26 December 2013

Media Appearances - Boon Or Bane

Recently, I was featured in a media medium. The initial rationale for being featured was never for fame or popularity, but simply a chance to build my existing resume in order to ready me for my future dream job. While the filming process itself was enjoyable, the aftermath wasn't.

To begin with, I was mocked at for my background. This initially gets to me a little but I realized critics exist everywhere and they only help to make you stronger. There is no successful man without controversies. Look at Bill Gates and his monopolist empire of Windows, George Soros and his supposed greed during Black Wednesday in 1992 against the Bank of England, Marc Rich and his oil trades globally. However, one thing that I did not thought about carefully was the fact that there are tons of normal and disgruntled people out there looking to jab at someone who is a little different from them, and with the internet, they are able to do that even better, sometimes anonymously.

Well, the fact is, not all the responses were negative, only some were. Moreover, there were also strangers that spoke up for me yet a small minority of critics exist. The ones from my friends, those I knew personally were also warm and positive. That was an encouragement to myself. I will definitely prove my critics wrong, and start taking major steps towards establishing my goal.

Moving forward, I have decided not to be in any kind of interview or media appearances until I make my first million. Life is already hard trying to get there and I do not need too many distractions along the way, plus I value my privacy a lot. So many incidents are pushing me towards working harder and harder. I will end off my post with 2 quotes, 1 from Malcolm X: "If you have no critics, you will likely have no successes", and the other from Brendan Behan: "Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how its done, they have seen it done everyday, but they are unable to do it themselves".


  1. Replies
    1. I would really love to tell everyone about it but that would divulge my identity, something which I prefer to be a secret at least until I achieve a net worth of a million dollars. I am finding anonymity a gift now.

  2. Agreed.

    Unless we want to make money from fees by conducting investment or trading training courses, there is no real need to let people in the Cyber World know who we are and how many millions we have made.