Sunday, 15 December 2013

Updates To Midas Investments - 15th December 2013

I have decided to forestall my forex tutorials. This is because I realized that the fundamental aspect of an investment is way more important to me personally as I was just doing the next series of forex tutorials. Therefore, I will continue on my study of valuation, excel and fundamental analysis. Moreover, I think that I will only start an account for speculation and trading when my portfolio (around 60-70% of my net worth) reaches $100,000.

I will be publishing my financial investment report for the year 2013 soon. Even though there were some paper losses, I believe that the investments will be valid in the long run. I am also doing a 100% reinvestment of any possible dividends that I am going to have from any of my assets.

In the next few weeks, I am going to blog about these few topics:
  • Valuation methods - Discounted Cash Flow analysis
  • Complete review of The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
  • Complete basic Excel tutorials
  • Do a rough summary of the oil and gas industry in the Asia Pacific region
Also, I am going to be doing a personal post about my experience living in the countryside with pictures. Of course, this is not really relevant to finance but I thought that as a journal, this post should be immensely inspiring and motivating for me later on. Before the year ends, I will also be rounding up my portfolio so do keep on checking back at Midas Investments.

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