Friday, 17 January 2014

Start Of A New School Term

This monday officially marked the first day of a new semester in my university. To be honest, I only achieved half of what I had hoped to achieve during the holidays. I finished only 2 books, and am still halfway through The Intelligent Investor. I have not been able to research on the oil and gas sector like I hoped, which makes its appearance on my resume a ticking time bomb waiting to go off during the next interview. The only upside to a start of this new semester is a chance for me to pull up my CGPA. I experienced a slight drop in the last sem by 0.01. My current CGPA stands at 4.19/5.00. I really wish to get First Class Honors and there are not many semesters left for me to pull up my grades anymore.

Well, with all that has been said, my courses have been finalized and that means no more brooding over which courses to take. My investment portfolio is also doing relatively well, experiencing a slight increase of 2% to 3% right after the year. With that said, I will strive to meet all my new year resolutions that I have personally set in the previous post here.

I must strive towards greater heights. This semester, I am also going to get busy with cold calling companies and knowing and meeting more new executives. I am also planning to sign up a student membership with the CFA society but the fees are quite hefty. I will decide again after getting my results for this semester.

There is also a need to learn valuation and excel fast. This is another thing that I have missed out on during the holiday break. Given that I have lost precious time in the past month, I have to work even harder and catch up even faster now. I need to strive to finish all my readings ahead of the class and contribute actively in order to get the grades that I want to. This semester might be the toughest one yet, considering I have to juggle work, studies, tuition, events, while aiming for the grade that I dream day and night for.

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