Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cold Emailing Companies

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to compile a list of asset management firms, private equity firms as well as investment firms. In the last few weeks, I have sent close to 30 to 40 cold emails with limited success. I have received almost no replies and I have thought about calling the companies up instead. For now, I am just compiling more firms into my personal financial firm directory. I have only gotten one interview from my recruiting efforts and its a venture capital firm. I have managed to pass the first round (there are still a few more rounds) but I will only talk about that in the next few posts.

Even though there is limited success from my current recruiting efforts, I am not giving up. I feel like giving up and feel like the world is going against me when I get so few replies but I know that if I want to get into the world of high powered finance, I have to be more assertive and determined. There are many other individuals like me and maybe even better than me who are willing to give an arm and leg just to get into the industry. That is what I will do as well.

I will begin to follow up with the companies and try to brush up on my technical skills as well. Summer is still 2 months away. I need a solid internship this summer and I have to be more determined, more passionate, more assertive than my competitor in order to get a chance at scoring a good internship. Time is running, and with exams and project deadlines nearing, change is necessary.

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