Monday, 27 May 2013

Peter Leeds - Invest In Penny Stocks

Today I am going to recommend a book by Peter Leeds, titled "Invest In Penny Stocks". I have just finished reading through the book and is now studying the book. This book has taught me immensely about the world of investing in penny stocks. For someone like me with limited capital, I believe that penny stocks in Singapore will be the way to achieve my first bag of gold. After reading the book, I strongly believe that it is possible for someone with limited capital to become successful in trading and investing.
In his book, he touched on the 2 commonly known analysis: technical and fundamental analysis and a new analysis founded by Peter Leeds himself. As for what is the new analysis, you should definitely purchase his book in order to learn more. This book is definitely a must read for aspiring investors as I believed that the fundamental analysis one use in analysing both penny stocks and stocks in general is roughly similar.
Also, throughout this book, he constantly review different trading strategies in order to educate his readers more. Once one finished this book and apply what they have learnt from the book, I am very sure that the way they look at companies will be much more insightful and accurate. 

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