Saturday, 30 November 2013

Oil And Gas Sector - Singapore Stock Exchange

Following my interview at the bulge bracket bank and going through some of my own personal mistakes, I have decided to become very serious about changing and improving myself. I have grown too comfortable and complacent with myself as always and that is not very impressive. I used to think that I will be an impressive candidate for any bulge bracket banks but my interview experience has proved otherwise. For one, I did not even knew the industry that I was covering very well. I am clueless about the specific industry that I am studying and choosing to put this experience into my resume though got me the interview, has ruined the first impression that I could have otherwise built had I been more prepared. Moreover, now that I think about it, I was actually very stupid in the sense that I bid the director farewell by back facing him. There is clearly some big behavioral mistakes that I am making, not very wise for someone who is planning to get into one of the most competitive division in the banking sector.

My realization has led to an epiphany within myself. I have to study up on the oil and gas sector. I need to know the in and the out of the oil and gas sector. From the biggest oil firm in the world to the different markets in the world, I have to research and understand everything including the major players, oil refining process, oil exploration and production requirements and more.

I will also need to know everything about all the publicly listed firms in the Singapore Stock Exchange and their respective counter codes, their revenues. I am going to use one month after my exams to make sure that when I return to school, I will be a completely different man. I will become someone who is able to relate to any oil and gas professional, even if the professional is an engineer. I will be able to talk to them about some of the latest development in this sector. This is what I am going to strive to become. My resume as of now is ready to get me some interviews, all that is left is to continue building up on my own personal attributes such that eventually, I will be able to impress, and maybe become the next Rockefeller. Ok thats a joke but yea, I will be posting more oil and gas related news as well here. I will also be finishing up the forex tutorials hopefully by next month as well. I am going to churn out articles like a human robot. This starts now.

I will end off this post with a quote by George Bernard Shaw: "Youth is often wasted on the young."

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