Friday, 10 January 2014

Movie Review - Boiler Room

Recently, I watched a classic finance movie which explores the sins of the finance sector. After watching the movie, I was struck emotionally and mentally. I began to think about how many people were devastated during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, the dot com bust in early 2000s and the financial crisis in 2008. I mean, unethical sales tactics has long been a black spot on the financial sector and this film shows the lives of people who are hit hard by unethical salesman and brokers in a realistic manner.

This film also explores the emotions felt by people who are just simply trying to make it in life, to have a good living and the hardships that are faced by everyday people. This film is no doubt one that has a very deep emotional impact on me. The film is disturbing and is quite an enlightenment on the hidden side of the glamorous finance sector.

After watching this film, my desire to make it in the investment management business is getting stronger. I really want to help everyday people build their wealth and make people's life better. Of course, to do that, I have to make myself much better first. I have to study more, become more connected and someday become influential enough to give average people a fighting chance against unscrupulous firms. Well, my dreams are a little lofty but we all start somewhere, and I believe my time is coming. Lastly, I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in finance to watch Boiler Room, and get a more realistic picture of finance and how one move can sometimes destroys people's life.

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