Sunday, 5 January 2014

Warren Buffett - Tackling Debt Ceiling, US Economy, Value Investing & Power Of Women

I recently watched this panel discussion conducted by Fortune with Mr Warren Buffett. This session is dated a while back, around 3 months ago. In this panel discussion, he talked about his beliefs that the US economy is going on a modest growth and is likely to continue to be the dominant economic power despite the high debts. He also disapproved political parties for sort of using the debt ceiling to create a motion against Obamacare etc.

He talked about the power of value investing and reiterated his investment style of buying great companies at a discount. As I study more about The Intelligent Investor, I found myself understanding more of his explanations of general market sentiments. Lastly, he also talked about being a proponent of female power. He felt that women are untapped talent waiting to be discovered and is adamant that females should stand equal opportunities as males.

This is actually one of the first panel discussion I have watched with Mr Buffett inside. I have watched documentaries about him before but seeing him react the way he did, thinking the way he thought and responding to queries simply make my respect for him grow exponentially. I will continue to follow his teachings, and will start reading his letters to shareholders as well for this is a man of legend.


  1. so who do you lean closer to? Graham or Buffett?

    1. To be honest, I consider myself an apprentice of both. I think of myself as a novice right now trying to figure out the skill that is investing. Once I figured that out, I should be able to answer your question more aptly. What about you yourself?