Sunday, 16 March 2014

Venture Capital Firm Second Round Interview

Today, I will post the second round interview for the venture capital firm. This interview was with another team member of the South East Asia office. During this interview, I felt very comfortable with myself relative to the first time I interviewed for a position at the bulge bracket office. I was able to phrase my thoughts and answer the questions thrown at me in a calm and collected manner. To be honest, I felt that it was one of the best interview I had ever done. Thus, I was really glad when I was offered the chance to proceed into the last round interview.

Some of the questions that were asked include:
  1. Tell me about your start up experience (something along this line)
  2. Which of our portfolio companies do you like and why?
  3. What do you think about the SEA market for venture capital?
  4. What do you think about the SEA market for start ups?
  5. What do you think the next trend in tech is going to be?
  6. I see that you have done personal investing, what have you invested in and what is your favourite?
  7. Any questions for me?
To be honest, I felt that the interview was more fit based. However, I do foresee the huge amount of opportunities that will be opened to me should I enter the firm. I went on to ask the interviewer more questions about the tech industry, start ups, some of the companies the firm has actually invested in and things like that. It was a really fun experience for me overall. I was then asked to proceed to the last round of interview...

I have recently finished my last round of interview but did not perform so well as I memorised some facts wrongly. Even though I acknowledged that there was mistake in my recollection after being highlighted by the interviewer, I do not know if I still stand a chance with the firm. I really hope that lady luck will smile on me once more. I will definitely give it my best and make my time at the firm one of the most productive period in my life. Until then, I can only hope and pray.

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