Sunday, 30 March 2014

Internship Dilemma

With less than one month to the start of my semester examinations, as well as my summer break, I am beginning to worry about the possibility that I might not be able to seal a solid finance internship. Add to that the stress of studying intensively for the past few weeks, I really feel myself on the fringe of going crazy. I have sent out around 20 to 30 resumes, but the responses have been pretty muted, with little companies referring back to me.

I know that I want to get into the investment management career next time and is seriously looking for any available openings. I have hence decided to dedicate one hour per day to finding a good internship for this summer. For the venture capital firm, I still have not received any response from them and its starting to worry me quite a bit.

I really need a solid internship this year to be able to walk the talk, and become someone more trained, and experienced, more fluent and confident and compete against the best and brightest from all over the world for the most competitive jobs. At this stage, I am really praying that some companies will get back to me and give me a chance and I will definitely outperform myself and give 120% of effort.

On a side note, my portfolio is up by around 10% this year due to solid performance by Global Premium Hotels, a stock I have been holding for close to 7 months. However, I do not know if now is a good time to exit. I still see certain potential for growth in this stock but the prospect of being able to cash in at a 30% profit is nudging me quite strongly.

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