Wednesday, 23 April 2014

5 Interview Questions You Should Ask

I have gone to countless interviews and through these experiences, have my ups and downs. During one of my most embarrassing interview last year at a bulge bracket bank, I made a commitment to excel in all future interviews and to become a worthy candidate that will never be so unprepared again. Today, I would just like to touch on some of the questions I always ask at the end of the interview. 

What do you think make a great (insert title you are applying for) at this firm?
This gives the interviewer the impression that you really want to excel in the job. Take note that I specifically said "great" instead of just "good". This will no doubt form some subliminal message in the interviewer's eyes that you are suitable to be a great candidate, provided that you did not screw up the front part of the interview.

What do you most enjoy about working here?
This gives me a perspective into the firm as well as let me know what kind of colleagues I am going to have. You can even see if they are passionate as well when they are dealing with your questions, using it to gauge how enthusiastic they are about their jobs, as well as how you will feel about the job.

What is your favourite moment at this firm?
By favourite moment, what I mean is performance related moment. As I usually go to interviews for the financial and investment industry, I will ask questions pertaining to market deals, investments made, portfolio companies etc. This can be anything. If you are going for a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) interview, you can ask them about their favourite brand marketing experience and things like that.

Where do you see as the next area of growth in the company?
This question has to be relevant to the interview that you had. You do not want to suddenly throw a curve ball at the interviewer. I usually ask this question to find out what is the interviewer's perspectives on growth in the company. For example, I tend to ask where does the interviewer think the company is going to expand operations in / which region offers the most growth potential and things like that.

Ask them something they are passionate about.
The last question is something really simple. Pay attention to them when they are introducing themselves to you and at the end of everything, wrap things up and ask them something they are passionate about. Give them leeway to talk and immerse themselves in the conversation. This will make them feel you are incredibly interesting and possibly get them to like you. After all, interviewing is just about making the person opposite you like you and want to work with you.

With that said, all the best for your interviews preparation. With the summer coming, I hope everyone reading this blog is gainfully employed or preparing for their internship. Do feel free to comment if you have more questions that you think will really set you apart from the pack of dull, monotonous as well as robotic candidates. Thank you.  

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