Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Carousell, A Good Way To Make Some Quick Bucks

Today, I would like to share my experiences with Carousell, a mobile app. Through the course of using this app, I have been able to get rid of some unwanted books for a total of $12. I am very pleased as this freed up some of the place in my home as well as gotten some cash back for me which I might have thrown away. The official site is here: https://carousell.co/ but this site is just a front for its mobile application.

After getting into VC as a summer analyst, my whole perspectives of business have changed. There are a lot of hugely successful entrepreneurs out there and they have made me rethink stuff about vying so hard for a banking and finance job. I absolutely love what I am doing now as I have many chances to not only speak with many incredibly smart people, but people who actually create viable products or services that benefit society. One thing that has strengthened that is relevant for the scope of this post today is that I foresee Carousell will be big in the future. They have already secured funding and I do think that they can go even bigger.

I will no doubt be using Carousell regularly as I am looking to improve my present cash flow situation but I am not going to use the business revenue I get from Carousell as luxury expenditure, instead it will be funding towards my future business project. Now, I am going to start saving hard and maybe start a new business in 1 to 2 years time. Even though I aspire towards entrepreneurship, I will definitely work hard to get into finance and then start something in this world. So many success stories are around me that I wouldn't have known had I not gotten into this industry. I will be a hedge fund manager cum venture capitalist someday, and there will be a name attached to me. Just like Peter Thiel is attached to Paypal, I will be linked to something, real big, real helpful for the community. Until then, I will be selling actively on Carousell to fund raise!

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