Sunday, 1 June 2014

Semester Results Released: Huge Leap Forward

Towards the end of last month, my results for the semester was released, and it was one of the best I ever had. My semester GPA was 4.75 as I S/Ued one course, pulling my CGPA all the way up to 4.32 with 2 A and 2 A-. Through the last few months before my examinations, I have worked extremely hard, asking many questions when unclear about what the professor was asking, as well as doing all my tutorials diligently, while also doing my own study notes. This officially signals potential for me to reach first class despite my first few semesters being less than ideal. I am really happy as I worked one of my hardest ever for the semester and is rewarded with good results.

With that said, I would like to reflect on what I would have done better for next semester and beyond. Firstly, I have always wanted to study in advance of the lesson but always stopped after a few weeks in. This is really bad and I have to change that in order to get better grades. Next, I will be prone to getting complacent after getting good results for my quiz, like what I did with one of my course when I got 29/30, which eventually got me an A-. Next, some of my revision was done too late and this prevented me from getting A or even A+ for some of my courses. Lastly, I skipped most of the lectures for one course despite it being a relatively manageable subject, and I might not have to S/Ued if I have been a bit more diligent. My target is not to S/U any courses for the next 2 semesters and try to aim for the Dean's List.

I would like to take some time in this post to thank everyone who has helped me before. It might seem like a small thing for some people, but the fact is, I worked really hard, juggling school work, tuition and part time work, as well as playing and teaching my daughter and spending time with my wife, which results in me sleeping at 2AM or even 4AM relatively frequently during the semester in order to finish up my work and studies. And it all paid off. 

The people I want to thank are in no order of merit and each and every one of them is important to me. First, I want to thank my mother and my wife, for always supporting me and taking care of the family. Next, I want to thank my daughter for always pushing me forward and my brothers for giving their subtle support. I also want to thank all the professors who have been very forthcoming with my many enquiries. I also would like to thank Future Civil Servant for keeping me on track and updating me about day to day administration matters, I would not have done it without revising with him and going through many arguments and debates about the different concepts in the courses we took. Next semester, Future Civil Servant be will gone for an overseas exchange and I foresee an even higher wall to climb without our usual exchange of ideas and concepts for our studies.

The road is still long, the war is not over, and the battles are going to get tougher. Some of my friends actually experienced a fall in their CGPA and everyone will definitely be working much harder. I will need to stay diligent and alert and hungry, if not I might just fall right back down. Thank you, a tougher battle awaits, and I will try my best to come on top.


  1. Well done, hard work will always pay off, and make sure you retain and bring this same attitude to the workforce or any future endeavours, I'm sure you will be very successful.

    1. Thank you very much, this is the up and down of life. I have learnt so much while working, studying and trying to support my family. It truly made me into a more responsible individual.