Sunday, 16 November 2014

Long Awaited Updates

Hi guys, sorry for the delay in post. I have been so occupied with the real world and have neglected the duties of keeping track of my progress. For that, I apologized. In these past few months, there were many interesting things that happened, new enlightenments, new awareness. In the blink of an eye, it is almost close to the end of my semester. There is only around 2 weeks before the start of the various examinations.

Recently, recruiting season for the major banks has officially ended. I have only applied to less than 50% of the major bulge bracket banks due to various reasons. I re-realized that the wall to climb in order to really be a hedge fund manager cum venture capital manager is a tall one.

With regards to the stock market, it is really interesting. I have managed to hit a 20-25% return in the past 12 months, with 5% being realized in the form of dividends. This could be because of my high REITs holdings. However, I am considering offloading some of my property related investments for better investments in other stocks. I realized I am truly a value investor as the alternative is just too risky for someone who has a family like me.

With regards to the stock picks recommended, I am happy that both of my calls in this blog turned out to be correct. I recommended a sell for Vard Holdings, and a buy for Union Steel and both movements have been accurate. For Union Steel, I would really like to see more diversification of their business due to competitive pressure from other regions. Only when that happen can we see its stock being push closer to its book value.

After my examinations, I would like to re-study DCF and valuation methodologies as I realized I have been neglecting it. I also need to take on more part time work. As always, I will be striving hard for my dream career and continue to watch me grow.

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