Thursday, 15 May 2014

Preparing For My Venture Capital Internship

Before going for my venture capital internship, I have been doing tons of preparation so that I will be able to contribute massively to my team when my internship begins. I have been doing tons of readings on venture capital as well as actively following the news on Tech In Asia, e27 and Tech Crunch. I have never known that there was so much activity going on in the tech industry but after reading through the news, I am becoming more and more drawn into the world of venture capital.

These are some of the things I have been doing in order to become more aware and stronger in my knowledge of investment, both in the public market and the tech industry:
  • Reading up on daily tech happenings
  • Exercising daily (more for discipline rather than job preparation)
  • Studying venture capital books, understanding venture capital legends like Bill Draper
  • Study investment related books, I believe in the maxim "all is one, one is all", everything in the world is inherently correlated 
  • Building up on my excel knowledge
  • Doing market research for venture capital
  • Going for networking events to hone my networking skills, with a heavy emphasis on using LinkedIn as my tool for maintaining my networking relationships
I also recently went for a bulge bracket bank networking session and managed to know some professionals who are in research and was really enlightened by the massive amount of information they gave to students. The networking session has really benefited me immensely and I will definitely strive to go for more of such events in the future.

There are also two things I am doing on top of preparing for my venture capital internship and that includes trying to let more and more people know about my tuition coordination business as well as advanced studying to prepare for my eventual university battle 3 months later. I am really looking forward to everything that is going in my life right now even though I am always fatigued. However, the challenges ahead are only going to increase, and with that, I have to constantly develop myself further as well.


  1. Keep us posted on your venture capital internship experience!

    We are all interested!

    SG Wealth Builder

    1. Hi Gerald,

      Thank you so much for following the blog! I will be sure to post a "Day In The Life Of A VC Summer Analyst" soon!

  2. I wish you all the best for your internship!

    Stay hungry, stay foolish - SJ

    1. Hi Raymond,

      Thank you so much for your advice. I will definitely attempt to stay motivated and inquisitive, such that I can develop myself further. My humbling experiences through the course of these few years have me thinking about many things as well. Do continue to watch my growth!

      Thank you!