Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Policy Analyst At A Government Statutory Board

Apologies readers for the lack of updates on my side. 

I have landed a summer internship as well, but as my with my dream, I got an internship at a Government Statutory Board as a Policy Analyst Intern. I have always wanted a taste of how it is like to work as a policy analyst, and as exciting as it sounds, I am only three days away from starting my internship. 

The Policy Analyst title probably sounds cool, but one may wonder what a policy analyst actually do. I will attempt to share the roles and responsibilities of a policy analyst from my own understanding. In a nutshell, policy analysts strive to influence various political and social events, raise public awareness of issues depending on the government statutory board and then attempt to shape government policy in those areas. Through the work of policy analysts in government agencies, we will strive to conduct research, analyze the proposed policies, evaluate the effects of existing policies, and report their findings to the permanent secretary (if the findings are successful), and once approved, will then be released to the members of the public. It is basically a job that can shape the future of the country through the analysts' extensive research work and critical thinking abilities. 

As discussed previously here, I mentioned that I hold a strong desire in policy making, and I personally feel that every individual can, and will be able to contribute in one way or another, into the public sector, and to help in building a better nation together. Although I know that things may not always turn out to be positive, I am optimistic about the experience that I am going to have over the next 8 weeks. 

I will be sharing my experiences as it moves along, so stay tuned to my updates!

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