Sunday, 11 May 2014

Search Engine Optimising Midas Investments

Today, I relived my past as a webmaster by tweaking some blogger scripting codes so that I will be able to search engine optimize my blog. I have been blogging for more than a year but was always "puzzled" (could not be bothered) as to why Google did not list my blog in its search engine very favourably despite the huge amount of high quality content on the blog. Moreover, Yahoo did not even list this blog in its directory, leaving me feeling very much confused (momentarily displaced but couldn't care less). This was an insult to my years of experience as a relatively skilled webmaster who earned thousands from the operations of my online business. I will however admit that I was lazy and could not be bothered to optimize my blog. Yet, after realising that I wanted Midas Investments to go above and beyond its current scope of service and content provision to the general masses, I took around 1 solid hour to settle all the nuances of search engine optimization for the blog.

After tweaking many parts of the blogger template, I am finally able to gain a relatively higher ranking based on results from Meta Checker. If you operate a blog or website as well, do take a look at how well you are actually letting netizens know about your blog. This site went from a deep yellow Horror rank to a dark green Excellent rank and I was quite happy about the overall outcome.

To make things brief, some of the things that was done to this blog includes:
  1. Making robots follow the site
  2. Meta keywords
  3. Meta descriptions
  4. Making blog post as the relevant search for search engines
I am sure there are readers of this blog who are experts in search engine optimization so please feel free to leave some comments if you have any ideas on how to improve the site's ranking and position. Alternatively, you can drop me a private mail here and I would be immensely grateful. Despite the previous failure in SEO, the site has been able to gain a relatively stable average traffic of 100 unique visitors per day as seen from Google analytics and I would just like to take some time today to say thank you to all the readers and supporters of this site, as well as readers who have taken the effort to comment on the site.

I will continue to provide high quality contents on investing and general finance matters in general, as well as update readers on my journey to become a top performing hedge fund manager cum venture capitalist. Thank you very much.

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