Sunday, 7 December 2014

Broking Interview At A Global Brokerage

Now, I will talk about my telephone interview for a global brokerage firm. The position is highly coveted and each telephone interview is done in blocks of 15 minutes. I was a bit nervous and did not prepare well enough for some questions that were asked of me. However, I am gonna let you have the benefit of asymmetric information by telling you what are the various questions that will be asked of you:
  • What do you know about us and why are you interested in becoming a broker?
  • Can you tell me what is inter-dealer broking?
  • What happens to bond prices when interest rates increase?
  • How do you know about our firm?
  • Can you tell me the difference between voice broking and electronic broking?
  • Who are our competitors?
There were several times I was unable to get the accent and asked for clarification. However, overall, the interview was a great experience and I think that it has helped me build myself even more. For this current recruiting season, I have already done 2 interviews for next summer, and even though both are unsuccessful, I am really happy that I went through them as I was able to gain even more experience.

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