Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2014 Annual Financial Investments Report

The year 2014 was a year that saw me taking more risks, and venturing more into the world of saving and investment. I am pleased with myself for being able to perform certain investments at the right time and identifying the right stocks that still have value. The truth is, whenever I look at stocks, past the initial usual screening methods like P/E, ROE, and P/B etc, I will focus more on the qualitative aspect of the business ranging from the company's management as well as strategies and areas of business the company is involved in. There are times where I have been able to identify value stocks but I just didn't feel right investing in the company. For one, I believe Asian companies or global companies headed by Asians are more conservative or more savvy than comparable with the same risk.

Some people believe in Geomancy and I do find myself avoiding certain companies if their management looks a bit dodgy. There is really no hard way to say how I qualify the various qualitative aspects of the business. However, this is just me and past the initial quantitative screening, I believe more in my instincts as I would like to term it. This is the same with my Japan trade, I still believe in Saizen despite the fall in price and is likely to buy more very soon. One thing however rings true for all my trades, I always google the CEO and the Chairman and see what results come out. With that said, the image below shows my statement for the year.

The reason why under remarks I put Owe $1.4k is because I took out this sum for money to settle certain expenses and is reminding myself to put it back. If you add in the $1.4k that I took out from my portfolio, the material gains will actually be higher as I used a certain formula to only include existing size and not would be size. Accounting for the $1.4k, my returns are actually over 20%. My portfolio is growing healthier and I am looking forward to this year where much turmoil and shock is expected to hit the market. The interest rate increase might also take a hit at some of my REITs holdings but we should see. All in all, 2014 was a good year. 

In summary, value based investing based on opportune fear and shock is what I will continue to adhere to, and never growing in love with a stock is what I will continue to personify. 

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